My Creations

Based on over 20 years of experience in the Fashion Jewelry business and my love for fashion accessories in general, I have decided to launch my own line of “ Made in Canada” fashion jewelry. I meticulously select and source all my components from Europe and use crystals by Swarovski Elements. All models are drawn and designed in Montreal. I have all my gold, silver and rhodium plating done by local artisans. The end product is fully assembled in my workshop.


We regularly travel to Europe looking for unique jewelry designed, hand crafted and produced in small quantities by local designers..

Our selections come mainly from Spain and Greece. We have established a few high quality trendy reliable sources in these countries. They update us regularly all along the year by sending us samples of their new lines and keep us informed about the most recent trends in the industry.

Our Classics

These are models that have survived all the trends and are always in demand such as ‘Tennis bracelets“,……….etc.


These models are offered at reduced prices to make place for our new lines. They represent our discontinued lines. They are all in brand new undamaged condition and in small quantities. They are always a good value.